Monday, 29 January 2007

Ahhh, Disney romance--what a load of crap

No wonder our expectations of love and relationships are so skewed. Think of the subtle brainwashing these films did to us as kids, teaching us the feminine and masculine ideals, which we later found out was a pile of crap. Life and love don't quite work that way; women aren't all damsels in distress and men don't always come to the rescue on white steeds.

One of my closest female friends from school was reading a self-help book last year. It was all about getting over the disappointment many girls feel when they realise the 'princess' ideal is unrealistic. She got married this past September. They're now in marriage counselling.

Some people (myself included) want this image of Disney romance so badly that they push relationships somewhat to fit this model of love. I spend so much energy trying to be Prince Charming that I'm really disappointed in myself when I realise I'm not (yeah, big shocker there). So my kids are not getting this crap, at least not until they're older and after they've been exposed to other, less-damaging media.

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kelly said...

But but, I really want him to kiss me before my fin comes back...

I think it's just lame the way that none of the Disney men ever make any sort of effort for their ladies. Except for when they're about to die or something. Until life or limb is in peril, the men are totally self-absorbed.