Friday, 22 June 2007

Fieldwork update

Hello. I arrived in Portland a week ago, and started shooting almost immediately off the plane. I was tired, jet-lagged, and managed not to get the footage that would be the beginning of the scene. It's a pretty good middle and end, though. I was getting a bit bored with my topic after talking about it since January, but meeting the women reminded me why I am here. While they seem to be little more than average suburban moms, they are incredibly thoughtful about the changes that have taken place in women's lives over the past two generations. I'm am glad that they are able to take the time to reflect on their incredibly busy and sometimes contradictory lives for the sake of my camera. They gather, knowing they are capable of much more "success" and social recognition, but reassuring each other that they are doing the right thing by placing more value on the lives and upbringing of their children. Still, it's a conflict that is as rich as it is seemingly mundane.

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