Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Bring back the blog! Issues-based participant-generated broadcast TV?! Plus procastination

Someone sent me this link to what looks like a really innovative series on one of the main TV channels in NZ. People approach the production company with an issue they want addressed, and the company makes the film under their editorial direction...
The website says there are similar initiatives in Canada and the U.S
I don't know what the quality of then programmes is like but the idea is a refreshing break from what we usually hear about how TV treats their participants stories.

Also an old but good music vid inspired by Mr and Mrs Belantara and me seeing them perform this weekend:


Elissa Krowe said...

dude. that was so awesome.

Jana-Banana said...

gotta agree with elissa...dude that was fucking awesome..who is this guy? he's my new hero

ana rose said...

Scroobius Pip v Dan le Sac.
They're actually playing here soon I think.
Hark from Bristol I believe.

did you also see his song 'Letter From God' that I posted on my facebook? (in the church letterbox). I like that too.